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Comet NEAT (Q4) Over Indian Cove

por Créditos & Copyright: Wally Pacholka (Astropics)
Comet NEAT (Q4) Over Indian Cove

Comet NEAT (Q4) was quite photogenic earlier this month.

Although the head and part of the tails of Comet C/2001 Q4 (NEAT) were visible to the unaided eye, the best views of the colorful tail were revealed only later by cameras able to expose for long periods.

A human eye can accumulate light for up to 1/10th of a second, as opposed to the above camera image, which used an exposure of nine minutes on May 8.

Visible is a long blue ion tail, a blue coma surrounding the comet´s nucleus, and a shorter but brighter sunlight reflecting dust tail.

Q4 is dropping more from easy visibility each day as it recedes from both the Earth and the Sun.

Another separate naked-eye comet, Comet LINEAR (T7), should remain bright into June.

  • Demecio Ortiz Valencia

    Me parece una fotografía excelente, solo que tengo una duda, como se hace este tipo de fotografía, ya que me parece como si fuera un fotomontaje, y lo digo por las montañas en la parte inferior de la foto. Pero insisto me parece una foto formidable ¡Felicidades! soy nuevo en esto y en computación agradeceré todo tipo de ayuda Gracias.