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La Nave Lunar de la Apolo 17

por Créditos: Apollo 17,NASA(Image scanned by Kipp Teague)
La Nave Lunar de la Apolo 17

Awkward and angular looking, Apollo 17´s lunar moduleChallenger wasdesigned for flight in the vacuum of space.This sharp picture from the command moduleAmerica, shows Challenger´s ascent stage in lunar orbit.Small reaction control thrusters are at the sides ofthe moonship with the bell of theascent rocket engine itself underneath.The hatch allowingaccess to the lunar surface is visible in the frontand a round radar antenna appears at the top.This spaceship performed gracefully, landing onthe moon and returningthe Apollo astronauts to the orbiting command module in Decemberof 1972 – butwhere is Challenger now?Its descent stage remains at the Apollo 17 landing site,Taurus-Littrow.The ascent stage crashed nearbyafter being jettisoned from the command module prior tothe astronauts´ return to planet Earth.Apollo 17´s missionwas the sixth and last time astronautshave landed on the moon.