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The USNO Millennium Time Ball

por Créditos: United States Naval Observatory
The USNO Millennium Time Ball

In the nineteenth century, dropping a time ballfrom a prominent location was a practical way ofcommunicatingthe time to the surrounding country side andships at sea.Initiating a fledglingtime service for the United States, the U.S.Naval Observatory dropped a time ball at precisely noon everyday begining in 1845.At the end of the twentieth century, in commemoration of thistraditional method of disseminating time, the U.S. Naval Observatoryhas installedthis ceremonial time ball atop its main building inWashington D.C.Dropping this time ball – at midnight EasternStandard Time on New Year´s Eve – will be the local culminationof a "round-the-world time ball drop" markingthe beginning of the year 2000and the beginning of theThird Millenniumin 2001.Meanwhile, don´t forget … this year, in most of the U.S.Daylight Time ends at 2:00 am on Sunday,October 31.